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Worksheets (Digital)

Handmade Business business and scheduling worksheets and printable’s for creatives in the handmade industry.

Year at a glance

Year at a glance Digital Download
Year at a glance Digital Download
Year at a glance Digital Download
Year at a glance Digital Download

Year at a glance


Welcome to the Handmade Biz Planner. 
The home of useful, actionable information for the handmade artist who is looking to develop a successful creative business. 

This is one of many useful downloadable worksheets to help you with your business productivity.
The handmade biz planner 'Year at a Glance' is for writing down your plans, mail, competitions and events, this is especially useful for 3 reasons:  

 - Creating a roadmap of your year ahead so that you stay on track
 - To reduce stress and overwhelm by encouraging you to write your plans down over remembering them
 - Creates a listed guide to achieving success

This worksheet is designed as a perpetual planner for your year.

 - Use the space provided and add a motivational quote to provide focus to the success of your day
 - Track your to do items in the right hand column and enjoy the satisfaction of striking them off as you complete them
 - Track your online activity using the social media checkbox prompts 

This digital download contains 1 x A4 graphically designed planner which includes:

 - Perpetual Year at a glance
 - Quarterly rows
 - Goals & Objectives 

A very simple and useful tool for the Handmade Biz Planner looking for world domination or keen to quit the day job.

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