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Meet the Maker Makers Realm

Meet Chrystel Galea the creative behind The Makers Realm. Chrystel is from Victoria, Australia and she took a huge leap of faith to start her dream career in a bid to spend her time in a healthier, happier more fulfilling role.



Meet Chrystel Galea the creative behind The Makers Realm. Chrystel is from Victoria, Australia and she took a huge leap of faith to start her dream career in a bid to spend her time in a healthier, happier more fulfilling role.

Tell us a bit about yourself + your business

A bit over a year a go I quit my high pressure career in science. I left for the sake of my mental and physical health, which were suffering from the constant high stress and terrible shift work hours.

Not knowing what to do next I started searching for another job in science but my passion was gone. So I decided to use my keen interest and skills in making handmade products (my long term hobbies) to open an online shop.

On September 1st 2016 The Maker's Realm shop opened on Etsy and my crash course in running a small business began.  I began selling a wide range of items, basically anything I enjoyed making, which didn't work well for myself or my customers.

I realised the most enjoyment I got was from working with beeswax so I focused on creating beeswax products only, it's been full steam ahead since that moment and I'm still exploring new ways to create with this beautiful golden medium.

Tell us about your morning process?

I can't face the world until I've had a cup of tea, so that's my first priority. After that vital step I spend a bit of time doing any small tasks around the house and/or meal prep if needed before I start my work day at 10am.

After a quick walk around the block to switch my mind from home into work mode, the very first task I do most days is sit down with a lit candle, pen and paper. I spend a few minutes listing important tasks for the day. 

After that I get online to check for orders and emails and tackle any jobs that pop up then.

The rest of my day is less structured as I work through my to do list but generally I do business related tasks in the morning while my mind is sharp and more creative work in the afternoon when I'm more relaxed and enjoy the slower pace. 

What tools do you use in your biz to keep you organised and on top of your tasks? 

To do lists are my favourite organisation tool. I prefer traditional pen and paper and use to do lists for everything. It feels really satisfying to cross items off the list.

What is the best thing you have done for you and your business this year?

I've focused on improving my product photography. I enjoy photography as a hobby but taking pictures of my candles has been challenging.

I think my current photos really show how gorgeous beeswax candles are, a year ago it was a different story.

Have you had a truly memorable customer experience that inspires you to keep doing what your doing? 

I will never forget my first ever customer who contacted me to say she loved the little gift I had included with her purchase and wanted to know if she could buy more.

I was so happy that she loved what I had made and prompted me to begin selling a new type of product.



What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to work in a way that made me happy, healthy and fulfilled my creative side. I decided that the only way I could achieve this was by working for myself.

What is your fav quote?

"If things are going untowardly one month, they are sure to mend the next" From Jane Austin's novel 'Emma' (my all time favourite book).

What is the number one thing that you love about running your own creative business?

I can sum it up in 1 word: Freedom! I enjoy having the freedom to work when and how I like and the free time to focus on improving my health. Focusing on my health has become a big part of my life.

Where are you the most and least organised in your business?

I'm most organised when it comes to creating and posting customer orders. The time limit and having to be accountable to someone creates focus for me and I work very well during that time.

I'm least organised in my studio. I'm constantly decluttering, reorganising and tidying up my space. It's definitely a work in progress.

What is the best advice you have received that has helped you in your business?

Don't wait until everything is perfect before starting. Just begin from where you are and improve as you go. There's no greater teacher than experience.

How do you handle moments of self doubt? 

I talk to my husband, he is my biggest supporter and never fails to reignite my passion.

Tell us about your most favourite or popular product/service that you have created recently?

I recently learnt how to create my own silicone moulds for making candles.

I made a mould of a retro perfume bottle which is a beehive shape with a cute little bee on top. It's been really popular plus I learnt a new skill.

Name a creative artist you are admiring?

There are so many creative artists I admire. Someone that stands out to me at the moment is Caroline Vinecombe of Paper Feathers Studio on Etsy  

I think she has a really unique artistic technique and I really love seeing her paper creations being made through her Instagram feed.

What's coming up that we can look forward to seeing from your biz?

I've been creating encaustic artworks. Encaustic artists use melted coloured beeswax and tree resin to paint with, among many other techniques.

It results in some truly beautiful artworks which are also very tactile, the beeswax builds up in textured layers which I just love running my fingers over.

I will be selling encaustic art created by me in the future. Stay tuned on Instagram for all of the latest updates in my biz.

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