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Meet the maker Mina Miyaki

Meet Jasmine Mathieu from Mina Miyaki. Jasmine established her business in NYC in the fall of 2014 and is now based near Seattle. Mina Miyaki was created out of a desire to reconnect with what she loves most: drawing and sewing, having been a family tradition for 3 generations.


#MTM002 : Mina Miyaki

Meet Jasmina Mathieu from Mina Miyaki. Jasmina established her business in NYC in the fall of 2014 and is now based near Seattle. Mina Miyaki was created out of a desire to reconnect with what she loves most: drawing and sewing, having been a family tradition for 3 generations.

Tell us a bit about yourself + your business

I am a Franco-American graphic designer and animator turned handbag designer. After 15 years in the advertising, broadcast and video game industry, I decided it was time for something new, something more personal.  

In 2014 I launched my first collection with bags using my own prints. I hope that the bags' happy prints bring as much joy as it is for me to make them.‎

Mina Miyaki is a handbag design studio specialized in original prints. Bold patterns, playfulness and a sharp sense of color are the hallmarks of Mina Miyaki. All the bags are carefully handmade. They are fueled by a desire to spread joy in everyday life.

Creator Jasmine Mathieu

Creator Jasmine Mathieu

Tell us about your morning process?

I like to wake up around 7am, prepare breakfast for my husband and I. It often involves juicing. I do some small exercises. Draw for at least 30min. Then start the day. I don't like checking emails before then.

What tools do you use in your biz to keep you organised and on top of your tasks? 

I use to make lists and manage tasks. I'm always using Google Sheets.

What is the best thing you have done for you and your business this year?

I added many more prints to my collection. I also started blogging which is a good way to show what happens behinds the scene in the studio.

Holly Heart Flat Pouch

Holly Heart Flat Pouch

Have you had a truly memorable customer experience that inspires you to keep doing what your doing? 

This year, I started to sell abroad. Each international customer has reached out to me right after via social media telling me how much they like my prints and bags. It's really special to have this one on one connection with customers. Positive feedback is heart warming. It warms me up literally!

What's coming up that we can look forward to seeing from your biz?

I plan on continuing the blogging series "The Storie behind the bags" with the next post being on how I put the prints on fabric. Signup to the newsletter to make sure you don't miss it at

I hope to redesign my website. Of course there will be many new prints. I'm also working on new bag designs.

Name a creative artist you are admiring?

Alexander Calder

Mina Miyaki Instagram

Mina Miyaki Instagram

Mina Miyaki Facebook

Mina Miyaki Facebook

What inspired you to start your business?

It all started in 2014 with a desire to take my career in a direction that would allow for more self expression. I have been drawing since childhood and find great pleasure in it. Naturally I started making patterns, which I see as a way to infuse beauty and joy in everyday life.

When it was time to find a business name, I immediately thought of fashion designer Issey Miyake who inspired me with his innovative and playful clothes. I also loved the sound of his name. Mina Miyaki was born.

Just a few months after the launch the bag made it to The Boston Globe and British Vogue!

What is your fav quote?

If you want a better world take a look at yourself and make a change.

What is the number one thing that you love about running your own creative business?

The flexibility and independence

Where are you the most and least organised in your business?

I'm organized when it comes to keeping track of the orders that were processed for tax reasons. But my inventory system needs some polishing. I could be running short of some materials and I would notice at the last minute.

Paisley Fish Pouch

Paisley Fish Pouch

What is the best advice you have received that has helped you in your business?

"F*ck it!" Haha! more seriously I was told that it was more important to do than overthink.

How do you handle moments of self doubt?: 

I "f*ck it"! I take a break, go for a walk, grab a cup of tea and a cookie and take my mind off the issue. Then go back to it later with a fresh perspective. Another way is to breath and go to a yoga class. It's the same idea.

Tell us about your most favourite or popular product/service that you have created recently?

I just created a very different print called Electric Jungle, it's black with colorful lines representing a jungle of foliage and bunnies hiding. It's very different from previous more simple prints and was wondering how people would react. It's been very popular at the Pike Place market where I started selling in Seattle and on the Etsy shop too. Mission accomplished!

Read more about Jasmine Mathieu

Read more about Jasmine Mathieu

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