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Meet the maker Byron Bay Candles

Meet Michelle + Tane from Byron Bay Candles.  Based in the Byron Hinterland Australia Michelle + Tane make handmade soy candles with stunning aroma's.



Meet Michelle + Tane from Byron Bay Candles.  Based in the Byron Hinterland Australia Michelle + Tane make handmade soy candles with stunning aroma's.

Tell us a bit about yourself + your business

We are a couple, long term Byron shire residents and we had recently sold a business as we felt the need for a change. We purchased Byron Bay Candles in 2013, as an existing business, the previous two owners were friends of ours and the business was first established in the 90's.

When we took over the business it was predominantly a market business selling paraffin dinner candles, and we quickly realised soy wax was a much nicer and more sustainable product to work with, so within the first 6 months we completely overhauled the business.

During this time, my parents decided to take a trip around Australia in their caravan and as a bit of a laugh we all decided that it might be fun to send the candles with them.

We were all absolutely stunned at the response we received and from there our wholesale business has continued to flourish from a combination of road trips, word of mouth, social media, marketing and from our products being seen in other stores.

Recently we participated in our first trade show and Mum and Dad still do trips in their van, always with candles in tow.

Working together as a couple can be tricky, but we have good complimentary skills, Tane is in charge of production and I am in charge of admin, marketing, design and customer service.  We consult each other on everything but we never tread on the others toes in our respective areas.

We are based on a gorgeous property in the Byron Hinterland looking out over green rolling hills and grazing cows. We have a large shed on the property and all of our production is carried out on site, by hand.

Tell us about your morning process?

We start our days individually but usually with a swim, and some yoga. Tane starts production around 7am as its the best time to pour the candles and then we come together around 8.30am to share breakfast, make plans and discuss what's on for the day and then jump into packing and shipping any orders that have come in overnight.

What tools do you use in your biz to keep you organised and on top of your tasks? 

SageOne for accounting, Mailchimp for mailouts, Excel spreadsheets to calculate lots of stuff.

What is the best thing you have done for you and your business this year?

We took a proper holiday for the first time in years, it was amazing !! We came back totally recharged.

Have you had a truly memorable customer experience that inspires you to keep doing what your doing? 

So many great experiences, its been really fun watching our customers sales improve as our packaging etc has improved. 

We love sharing the journey with them and its always really exciting when we get to meet face to face with a customer that we have developed a relationship with over the phone, or when they surprise us and turn up at our market stall or event more recently at the trade show in Melbourne when we got to meet some of our favourite customers for the first time.

What's coming up that we can look forward to seeing from your biz?

Next year we will be launching some new products, we are just starting to develop them now.

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Name a creative artist you are admiring?

@men_with_valor delicious handmade mens grooming goodies..they are amazing

What inspired you to start your business?

We were really looking for the opportunity to create a business from handmade products so when this business came along we could see that it was the perfect opportunity.



What is the number one thing that you love about running your own creative business?

Having the flexibility to make our own decisions, decide how and when we want to work and having the time to take advantage of the abundance of natural beauty we have surrounding us

Where are you the most and least organised in your business?

We are pretty organised, we have to be to keep up!

What is the best advice you have received that has helped you in your business?

Keep it simple.

How do you handle moments of self doubt? 

Luckily we have each other to bounce off and if one of us is having a hard time, the other one can help pick us up, if we are both having doubts we take a step back and try to get a different perspective on the situation.

What is your fav quote?

You were born to be real, not perfect

Tell us about your most favourite or popular product/service that you have created recently?

We are totally in love with our new boxed range of candles, really happy with how they turned out and how good they look on shelves

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