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Find Your Customer

Find Your Customer

If you are at the stage of turning your handmade hobby into a business, you probably have a really clear idea of what you wish to sell based on what you love to make.

But how do you find your ideal customer who loves your products, wants to ‘Follow’ your work and social feeds who will basically comes back for ‘All The Things?’ Well you need to start by branding your business so that it sings out to your ideal customer, but who are they and where do you find them?

Define Your Customer - Action List

When preparing your business, this topic is crucial, as it will assist you to communicate with the right type of customer for your product range and help you to focus your branding and marketing to the perfect audience.

By defining your customer across a range of demographics you can create a vision of what your ideal customer looks like, discover where to find them and enable you to communicate to a focussed group who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Find to follow an actionable list of demographics, useful questions plus some deep dive queries to help you research your ideal customer further.

Keep front of mind your most ultimate customer, who - when they discover you, are such a fan that they follow you, that they are interested in everything you have to offer. Your perfect customer that has a problem only you can solve for them.

Now go seek out where they are hanging out so you can tell them where to find you!

Download the ‘Define Your Customer’ Action list and bridge the connection between your product and your customer, by getting to know your audience.