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Build Your Business

Build Your Business

Building a business from scratch involves a lot of tasks, but instead of diving head first into all the obvious requirements such as business cards and websites, why not first consider setting your foundations firmly and ask yourself some good old honest questions.

Why are you even going into business? What are you going to make? Will it sell? What happens if you don’t bring in any money straight away, will you still enjoy what you do and what is your line in the sand? What values you do have and how will they impact your business?

Biz Foundations

This downloadable ebook will help you to 'Know where to start' when embarking on your incredibly exciting journey of starting your own handmade business.

By working through each section of this eBook, you will be able to develop a clear vision about what you want to do in your handmade business, why you want to do it and how it is going to get done.

Then we will cover some business essentials to assist you to help your customers understand what services they can expect from you.

This is your opportunity to start from the beginning in creating strong foundations for you and your business, then when you are ready, move through the rest of the workbooks and develop your business at your own pace.

If you love it, and you feel it would be of value to others in the handmade community, I would really appreciate it if you could share the love on Instragram remember to tag @handmadebizplanner #HBPbizfoundations

Download the ‘Biz Foundations’ eBook a simple and easy introduction to starting your creative biz.