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Review: The Instagram Auto scheduler -

Kerri Tutton

Kerri Tutton

If your mind has started thinking ahead to, 'How can I make my Instagram process better' then look up the desktop application '', the Instagram auto scheduler.

I saw this application recommended in a creative community and it has really helped me organise and plan my Instagram feed to the point where I don't have to worry about it during the week when I am at my day job.

Simple to use

The first part that I like about Grum, is that is it super easy and simple to use.  This makes the processing of my Instagram upload nice and clean without too many actions. Simply click on the + add your image, content and tags and a smiley face or two if you fancy.  

Encourages Quality

With the application used on my desktop it encourages me to think clearly about what I am putting on my feed.  Does it have a purpose? Does it match my branding?  Before I used Grum I was susceptible to impulse uploads onto my feed and on looking back the image was great or even funny, but it didn't encourage flow...

Supports Consistency

...which is important for branding.  You can easily see the flow of your feed with the Instagram style layout, this helps you to be consistent in your message, imagery and quality of work. This is a huge bonus as it encourages your brand to take shape until the time comes that the returning customer knows who you are in a moment of looking at your work. The flash test at its best.

I especially like this layout if I have a challenge running, as I can feed any acute OCD moments by uploading my images in exact orders or patterns.

Great Pricing

The pricing is reasonable at $9.95 for 2 accounts making it affordable and on par with other applications that you would use when setting up your small biz. I was super luck to get a lifetime deal for $25 through AppSumo it might be worth hanging out in that space to see if another super deal like this comes your way, if it does, don't hold back. Its worth every cent.