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The Handmade Comparison Trap


Blogs for creatives who are looking to turn their handmade hobby into a productive and successful handmade business.

The Handmade Comparison Trap

Kerri Tutton

'Her stuff is amazing, I love her work, omg look at her photo's they are perfect, is that what she is charging? Wow look how many followers she has, I wish I had that many, how did she get so many so soon? oh my goodness her website is awesome, uh - another day without a sale, I just don't think my work is good enough, what's the point - I just can't see myself quitting the day job at this rate.'

Does this sound familiar?  Does this sound like your negative self talk? Is it shortly followed with a burning sensation that connects with feelings of inadequacy, a little bit of jealousy and a low self esteem? Only to be wrapped in a deep upset that you want to be successful so badly but you just can't see yourself getting there and 'how is she making it look so easy?.

Okay darling, let me pour you a Kezza strength G&T and give you a sisterly slap around your beautiful chops. JUST STOP.


  • Stop focusing your start with somebody elses middle
  • Stop thinking about how many sales they are making - you really don't know
  • Stop assuming all those followers are real (did you see how many likes they got?)
  • Stop looking at their biz thinking its all roses then homing in on your biz worts
  • Stop the negative self talk
  • Stop underestimating yourself
  • Stop holding yourself back

*Unless your doing valid relevant market research with another large Kezza G&T


  • Start appreciating everything you have achieved so far in your business
  • Start planning what else you would like to create 
  • Start thinking about other creative ways you can bring an income into your business
  • Start being strategic about encouraging more followers to check out your feed
  • Start creating clarity on what your idea of business success is
  • Start talking to yourself positively about your business
  • Start challenging yourself 
  • Start backing yourself

It is not sustainable to be stuck in the rut of a comparison trap, your business will fail little by little bit by bit because your energy is focussed outwards not inwards.

If you are going to look at another creatives business, look at what they are doing right and acknowledge how wonderful it is with humble appreciation, perhaps consider professionally critiquing what could be done better, look at what works and acknowledge that there are awesome business women out there - JUST LIKE YOU.

Try not to allow your developing self esteem and confidence be reduced because you didn't have the strength to think positively about what you are creating.  Understand that nobody in business has all the answers and that we are all learning something new every single day, we are all making mistakes and we all have off days.

Creating a small business to a level of success that replaces a consistent income takes time, it takes patience, resilience and lots of mistakes.  You need to go out into the world and put your flag in lots of places pointing them to your place.  

You have got to get busy being so good that everyone else is looking at you and admiring your work.

You have got this -  get out of the comparison trap and get busy loving your work.

Kez x