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What Is Your Why?


Blogs for creatives who are looking to turn their handmade hobby into a productive and successful handmade business.

What Is Your Why?

Kerri Tutton


By Kerri Tutton

So your thinking about going into business? Ok. A creative handmade business?

Maybe somebody suggested that you should sell your creations? or perhaps a lightbulb went off after picking up your tools at the end of a real downer day at work?  Ask any creative, both are typical triggers for world domination thoughts.

Ask any creative that is running a business and they will tell you, it is hard bloody work and here is the reason why.

Not only are you indulging in the wonderful world of creating your craft, you are also the Procurement Manager who has to buy all the materials and supplies. 'Pfft' I hear you say 'I love doing that, how is that hard work Kez? Come on now'.. Okay allow me to continue...

You are also the Accounts Payable, the Accounts Receivable, the Office PA the Marketing Manager, Advertising Co-Ordinator, PR Executive, Policy, Risk and Legal Manager, oh, don't forget Quality Control, you may also be the Packaging Assistant, Social Media Manager, Website builder IT Support Troubleshooter, Product Photographer, Postage Handler oh and Business Decision maker owner and networker.

Now I'm not going to stop there, because let's be realistic, right now if you are in a full time job for many of you, all you have to do is turn up in what ever state, mood or health risk you choose to rock up in, you do one particular job and you get paid for it and you go home.  In fact, many of you don't even need to turn up for work, you could just call in sick - and you still get paid.

That does't fly in small solo businesses.  If you don't work hard, it is likely you may not get paid.  Now here's a super mic drop moment - you could work really hard for a month and still not make a penny!

Would you still want to run your own creative business?  

It's a good question to ask yourself, as developing a business takes lots of hard work, it takes time and you need to want to do this - seriously.  If you want to succeed the longevity of the disappointments, the epic fails, the mistakes, the costly learnings, those moments when you should have pressed save or wished you had an undo button. You need to have a burning desire for a known outcome, you also need to be particularly resilient to failure, because as all the of the positive quotes say - you will only find success through it.

When those fail moments come knocking, they will be knocking at a door called 'why?'.  The why am I doing this and why am I here? What do I believe so deeply about that causes me to take action when all about me is hitting the proverbial?

Now (if I haven't already scared you off yet) there are lots of great 'Why's' that will erase all those fails.  Many creatives I have had the pleasure of connecting with tell me that the reason why they love running their solo business so much is because they get to be creative in a role, where as in their working life, they were not.  

Some after a significant amount of time in business say that they could not imagine working for someone else again, be it reporting to another person or working in a big company.  Others mentioned to me how they love working from their home, they love the independence and the flexibility their business creates in their life and every business owner claims how super proud and satisfied they are by the simple fact that they have created a something of their own.

So before you go into business, I recommend you know your why.  It will help you on the dark days when you think your doing this all by yourself.  It will be the foundation that supports you when something goes wrong and your questioning your ability to continue.  

Another thing, don't fret if your why changes, this happens and is part of the process of getting to your ideal picture of success.  Sometimes the actual reality isn't what you imagined it to be so you may go on to do something else - that too is totally okay, because you will have a why for that too!

Here is a link to a video that helped me to change the way I thought about my 'Why' some years ago, it is a great listen.

Have you found your why yet? If you did, what prompted it? What material / trigger did you experience that helped you question what you were doing to make a change going forward in your life?

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