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Hashtags for handmade jewellery

Kerri Tutton

Okay so you have kicked off your handmade biz, you are on Instagram and have learnt about the trusty hashtag for your feed, but goodness which ones should you use?   

Well Biz Planner, If you are in the business of #handmadejewellery I have created a super organised list of hashtags to help get you started, but firstly…

What Is A Hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or a phrase that is preceded with a hash symbol like this: # it is used heavily in social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter to identify images or messages on a specific topic.

A typical example of a hashtag in our industry would be #handmade. Say I upload an image on my Instagram feed with this hashtag, my image will also appear in a feed dedicated to that hashtag.

This means that if anyone searching for #handmade - should see my image. (Depending on when uploaded the image, when they look and how popular that hashtag is).

So Why Use Hashtags?

Hashtags are a fantastic way for you to connect with your audience and for your audience to connect with you. It is also a great way to increase your brand awareness with tag lines and quotes for your business.

If you are looking for #lasercutearrings on Instagram you can view all the images loaded, checkout the profiles of the businesses that loaded them and the responses from all the followers.

If you are interested in looking at #czechglassbeads because you want to make a pair of earrings you can do this and discover new styles of beads and the wholesalers that selling them as well as the designers who are making jewellery from them.

Hashtag Research

By researching businesses and influencers this helps you to discover other hashtags used that may be relevant to you and your work.

For example, research your competition in your industry, something that is specific to your product line - and learn about the hashtags they are using and how they are using them. Also - take note on how some feeds touch a range of hashtags over different sectors to attract different types of customers.

There are lots of tools available out there to share with you the latest on trend hashtags, is a very good one for viewing on trend hashtags and their influencers.

However, don’t just get won over by the most popular hashtags as it may be better for your product and business to be more specific.

This is where I have done a little of the hard work for you, I have created a list which is split by product, style, material, and includes hashtags specific to the craft industry, online markets, plus philosophical elements that may be relatable to the jewellery style.

The list comes in both a downloadable PDF as well as link to my HBP Instagram Hashtag Trello Board.

Simply register your details below and I will send it to you straight away.

(be sure to check your junk folder for the confirmation email).

I hope this helps you on your Instagram journey with your handmade jewellery business.

Please let me know if it does in the comments below.

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