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How to improve your productivity using awesome storage + other time saving tips

Kerri Tutton

Image Acknowledgement :  @Dustypenny

Image Acknowledgement : @Dustypenny

Quiz Question : Where do you stash your scissors?

Oooo good question! Okay, okay I know this one hang on... right so I keep a pair of scissors in my top cutlery drawer in the kitchen, I also keep a pair of nail scissors in a see through nail kit bag in the bathroom. (I think that original bag came from the freebie toothpaste pack from my last visit to the dentist, anyway digressing).

Oh! I have another pair of scissors that I accidentally acquired (honest) from the family trip to the Cape, they are in the craft tool box on the shelf with all my bead stuff...ummm finger tap.. OH I have another really super sharp pair (for sewing apparently), those are in my bead travel bag. (That bag was a freebie too with the hairdryer).

Ummm, I think that's it, yep that's all the scissors in the house! Please don't ask me where the tape is though I haven't got a bloody clue!

Okay so the key message of the above story is to highlight that its all very well knowing where your scissors are, but if you can't find the tape, the thread, the wire, your fav blue beads - how are you going to finish making your products without your labour costs going through the roof?

Put simply you can't, so instead of spending the next 15 minutes looking for them, getting totally distracted along the way, you are going to tidy up your workspace so you can work more effectively and save more time right? Wrong.

Look, I'm not saying working in tidy environment is bad thing, it is potentially a lot less stressful having less clutter around, but it isn't the complete answer to improving your productivity, I mean seriously any crazy can throw stuff in a draw and hide stuff out of sight right?

The key to getting super productive especially in a creative business, is ensuring that every item has its 'place' and you know where that place is.  The other element, is to make sure your items are always returned there.

A place for everything & everything in its place

Think about it, are you a jewellery maker constantly looking for a particular finding, Do you make products out of card and have all your card colours mixed up.  As a painter do you know what you did with that burnt sunset orange acrylic tube?

Creating awesome storage for your creative tools and materials doesn't have to be difficult or expensive and it can actually be quite a relaxing process to maintain. By making items easier to get to or easier to see can help streamline your production time, your stress levels and the overall success in having a productive day.

To inspire you to create time some saving storage idea's I have put together a heap of storage ideas in Pinterest for you. 

Here you will also see the work of @kathyrac (imaged) who has done an incredible job of creating a storage space for her pens.

I'm having a little creative drool over that mint set!

Storage Tips

  • Office Stationery items in the top draw with pens (and a pair of scissors)
  • Scan and copy paper work for easy finding (search by title)
  • Create a system for titles of electronic files for easy searching
  • Use clear jars, plastic boxes or vials so you can see the goodies inside
  • Ensure a house rule if someone borrows your stash - put it back!

Have you got any cool storage ideas or awesome tips - let's share :-) 

Now before I go,  where do you stash your scissors?

Kez x