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Blogs for creatives who are looking to turn their handmade hobby into a productive and successful handmade business.

30 Crucial Tasks For Starting a Handmade Business

Kerri Tutton

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If you are new to the Handmade Biz Planner, welcome.  My name is Kez and I have created 30 crucial tasks for starting a handmade business especially for you.  

- You being the creative that is looking to quit your day job and earn a living doing something you love.

- You, the stay at home mum who is hands on and wants to start a business that fits in with your new family routine.

- You, the driven and motivated young thing ready for world domination!

This free downloadable can be used to help guide you through the seemingly endless to do items that come with choosing to turn your creative hobby into a successful business.

Each tip has a small brief to encourage you to research and action, as they are crucial to setting the foundations of your new business.  By focusing some time and energy on these elements, you will set yourself up for success.

Very soon I will have an eBOOK available for you that will elaborate on all of these 30 elements in a bid to help you get off to the best possible start in your creative business.

Firstly, let me offer you some advise from my own experiences, 'Take your time & don't be too hard on yourself'. 

If you are about to embark on creating a business or are amongst it currently, just note us creatives have a habit of having very high expectations of ourselves.  Be it on how far along in our business we should be, how much product we should be selling and how many likes we should have had on our social media feed. 

Try to remember to be gentle on yourself and to 'take the little wins', it will make your business journey heaps more pleasant and lots more fun. 

You will soon experience the lightbulb moment where by you'll realise there is no such thing as an overnight success and that building a business takes time, patience, lots of energy and lots of hard work.  You will face lots of brick walls, make lots of wonderful mistakes all the while learning and evolving.  

Still interested? Good!

Come and  learn how to 'Love Your Work'.

Kez x


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