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How to save 2 hours a day responding to customer comments on your social media accounts

Kerri Tutton

You have a great business, your products is selling like hotcakes you love working from home and the variety that a solo biz brings, but you are really really busy and totally wish you had an extra 2 hours in the day to answer all the lovely comments you receive on social media. The trouble is your also quite resistant to spending long periods on your phone, so what's the solution?

Well, find below 5 key wins to help you organise and plan your social media so you save time over needing more time.

1. Create your Social Media uploads in batch

Schedule a regular time with yourself to create all your social media uploads for the following week.  This may seem a little overwhelming at first, so just start with 5, this is a simple one upload per weekday which you can use across all your SM accounts.

2. Research the best times to update your feed

There are certain times and days when the viewing of certain social media sites peek, Work out the time that your audience is out there looking at social media to get the best hit rate for your efforts.

2. Schedule your uploads + feedback through a one stop shop scheduler

After you have created your weeks social media try scheduling it all through a scheduler.  Hootsuite offer the ability to do this a with a variety of sites + you can manage all your feedback from one source instead of dipping into each app on your phone. [Cue fist pump]

4. Schedule your feedback

Science says it can take up to 30 minutes to return your attention to what you were doing before an interruption, so if you are getting distracted by a notification ping or the thought came in your head to check your phone 5/6 times a day, that's a heap of lost activity! Turn off the notifications and write down your social media feedback process.

Schedule 5-10 minutes at 3 or 4 allotted points in the day to provide feedback to your customers that left comments on your SM sites.  This can be done through your dashboard if you using an application like Hootsuite.

Or use this as a multi tasking opportunity too, so if your in the post office queue, or waiting to pick up the kids, you can make that your feedback time too.

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