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About Kez

About Kerri Tutton, Business Owner, Handmade Business Planner.


Hi, I'm Kez, I am pretty much obsessed with the handmade industry, small business and getting organised. Oh and if it's too early for G&T's then I'm a bit of a tea and biscuits addict! (That would be the not so obvious English lass in me).

Where I am from

With a Caribbean heritage I was born in Chester, UK, brought up in the county of Somerset (and yes I used to own that warm rolling accent - oo arrr). I moved to London at 21 hit the corporate world and migrated to Australia at 28. 

Introduction to the handmade industry

So after picking up the tools in 2011 and making my first pair of earrings I created my own business called Kezinnia, a handmade jewellery label where I sold my products on Etsy, my own website, at parties and local market stalls and events.  Kezinnia was my creative and learning playground, I discovered new jewellery making techniques, created my own brand and developed the business and its processes from scratch.

In 2016 after completing a retro on Kezinnia, I discovered my skills had evolved and through natural progression found myself coaching friends on what I had learnt setting up a small business online, I also discovered that I didn’t really enjoy making the same jewellery over an over again, I actually preferred making OOAK designs for fun.

It wasn't until I was in the middle of writing one of my first blogs that the light bulb went off realising I had been helping businesses and colleagues get organised since my first job.  I'd been preparing myself for this type of business for years, I just needed to find the right industry.

Where you can find me


I have had the fortunate opportunity of dipping my fingers into variety of experiential pots, that being in recruitment, administration, sales and marketing, infrastructure, business development and business systems analysis.

With a decent sized resume working for the likes of Morgan & Banks/TMP Worldwide, AOL Time Warner, Ernst & Young and GE it seems pretty obvious when reflecting on my resume that I have been 'shopping around'. 

So you can imagine I was pretty excited when I discovered that there was an avenue for me to take my creative side and channel it into creating my own business. 

New adventures

So after 5 years in the playground of Kezinnia, I made the decision that making jewellery was going to be for fun and not money, so I closed the online doors and took a risk on my new found skills.

At the end of 2016, the Handmade Biz Planner was created. A space on the web where I can share useful and actionable information, documents and processes to help you get your creative business up and running.

I passionately believe that we deserve to be happy in our work and if you are dreaming of creating your own business, especially in the handmade world - I’m here to help you make that happen.

Please come and say hi on any of my social media channels, I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to loving your work

Kez x