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2018 Planner FAQ's

The Handmade Business Planner for 2018 is an A4 200+ page work buddy.  It has been designed with the help of handmade artists especially for handmade artists to help you organise, manage and improve your creative business.


2018 Handmade Biz Planner FAQ's

How can I purchase a 2018 Handmade Biz Planner?

  • You can purchase a DIGITAL copy via the online shop using Credit Card or PayPal here 
  • You can purchase the PRINTED copy via the online shop using credit card or PayPal here


The digital copy is emailed on checkout and is a 15MB PDF file. Please read the Terms & Conditions before purchase. The printed copy is only available to Australian residents at this time and orders will be posted in December 2017.

Why is there a limited print run?

Essentially the original Handmade Biz Planner's business model is to provide instantly downloadable tools and products for Handmade Business owners.  

With this product being outside the business model and such a new product, I was keen to first check the demand by offering a limited print run, which in turn was small enough to manage and quality check with an up and coming due date for an expected 'Baby Biz Planner'!

I don't live in Australia - Why can I not purchase a hardcopy? 

HBP currently doesn't post internationally, with the current rate of the International postage fee's, it will make it more worthwhile to purchase a download and print locally. 

You can purchase a DIGITAL copy via the online shop using Credit Card or PayPal here 

Why is the printed version nearly double the price of most planners?

The 2018 Handmade Biz Planner has a number of elements that pitch it's price a little higher than the standard generic planner.  

The first is that the decision was made to not go overseas to print this product, it was really important to my set of values to support the little guy, so a decision was made to select a local company to print the planners.  This has another benefit in that the quality can be easily controlled as all the planners are checked by myself before postage.

The second element is that this is an A4 workbook/planner - it was intentional that this book was to fit a specific market and include useful worksheets that made it more than a generic planner.  Based on this decision this planner now holds 228 pages of useful worksheets alongside the a typical yearly, monthly and weekly calendar.

Can I just purchase the worksheets and the calendar elements?

Yes you certainly can.  Visit the online store and download the worksheets as individual pages.

The calendar elements for 2018 will be available to purchase real soon.

Business Foundations Pages

  • Business Bio
  • Business Foundations
  • Business Policies

Monthly Brainstorm + Retro

  • Biz Brainstorm Worksheet
  • Brainstorm List
  • Notes Page
  • Biz Retro Review Worksheet

Profiling for 20 products

  • Product Matrix Worksheet
  • Product Profile
  • Product Details
  • Labour Costs
  • Product Pricing