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The Handmade Biz Planner Meet The Maker

Helping Creative Souls Get Started in Business

You are a creative soul and enjoy making your craft by hand. You also have dreams of one day running your own business selling your handmade products however, your not quite sure where to start and how to plan your biz.

Don’t fret Biz Planner, I’ve done this, let me help you to get started.

Kerri Tutton Handmade Biz Planner

Why hello there! My name is Kez,

Welcome to the Handmade Biz Planner.

I’m here to help you get started in your handmade biz.

Take your pick out of the free tools linked above, feel free to read more about my adventures here and reach out if there is something your interested in learning more about via any of my social channels below.

Look forward to meeting you on your Handmade journey.

Kez x

As creators we all need a little inspiration, especially those of us that are on the mission of creating a biz from scratch. Even more especially when you are creating the product from scratch too!

Meet some makers that are out there doing it for themselves, learn about their business why, their morning process, who they are inspired by and more…

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